Petitor Veritatis


After years of toxic relationships, I found the secret formula. I figured out a way to remove all of that pain and expectation and dishonesty from relationships. I beat the system.
I was young and fun and beautiful and I had the most amazing life. I traveled all over the world. I helped people get past creative blocks, get over break ups and was a shoulder to cry on. I was a travel buddy, a babysitter, a confidante and sometimes I was more. Everyone from actors, to musicians to athletes paid a premium for my loyal friendship.

Everything was perfect l until I met Aharon, a man who believed in all the same things as me. Love should be free and sex shouldn’t be an anchor. Maybe it was easy, because he was literally paying for complete disclosure. But we were happy.

And then I met Alex. He loved me and trusted me and I trusted him. I broke my new rules and the walls I had built around my new world collapsed.

This is my story. Enjoy the ride. I did.

My Philosphy

Your sexuality is your power. Take it back. Celebrate your sexual journey, your sexual freedom and autonomy. Live a life free of shame and guilt. You are a beautiful creature who deserves pleasure and happiness.